Cindy B.

“I cannot say enough about my wonderful experience with your firm. Marc was always so helpful and would go to extremes to explain things to me if I didn’t understand. He would always answer my emails promptly and follow up on the tasks that I was assigned to take care of. Marc discussed different options with me and worked out a plan that gives me so much peace of mind for the future of my heirs. He has offered to make himself available to talk with my children if they need to understand the trust as well. He is very professional and very likable. You and Marc and your entire staff were so warm and

friendly when I would come into the office. I have already mentioned your firm to friends of mine and I am so happy that I went to his free seminar that I saw advertised on Facebook. It was something I had been putting off doing, and I realized that I really needed to get this done and so happy that I did. I still have a few things I need to complete and probably will have a few more questions before it is all over with, but I know that he is available to speak to me whenever needed.”

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